And….we’re back!

It’s been a long month. Correction, a long six weeks. Of course, even before Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, I was remiss in adding new posts in October. I took on my first client as an agent and I was running around the city with editors — coffee here, lunch there, and a Halloween Happy Hour to boot. It was an exciting time for me…and then the hurricane hit and it was exciting in a whole different way.

Now, here I am, sitting in my parents’ living room in Kentucky, trying to get a literary agency off the ground while also looking for a new place to live. Because when the 19 inches of water finally leaked out of my house in Hoboken, NJ, I was left with a stench you wouldn’t believe and a ruined home. My husband and I camped out in Brooklyn for a while, thinking how it would have been great to have family in the area when we were rendered homeless, and then we decided to move closer to family.

The good news is, while I’m sitting here, I’m also  reading some fantastic debuts and drafting up some great blog posts that I think could help a lot of my author readers.

Oh, and crazy things have happened in among the Big Six and I want to talk about in terms of how they’ll affect authors…

The Random Penguin

S&S consolidated

So read up and I’ll be back soon!


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