In this beautiful age of eBooks and Twitter I am swimming in publishing updates within this crazy literary cosmos. And most of the time that’s a

good thing. I get a daily review of Who’s Up & Who’s Down in the biz and what’s going on in the latest Amazon vs. Apple eBook saga. I have emails on the latest NYT Bestsellers, and Amazon is sputtering out recommendations faster than I can add them to my To-Read list on Goodreads, so thank God for my e-reader because how else would I find the space? It seems that Publishing has embraced the digital world at long last.

Most of us got into this business because we grew up voracious readers. We still are. We’re reading tweets by the minute and digital manuscripts by the hours. But I also can’t help craving the cozy chair in the corner where I can tangle my legs up beneath me and prop a book perfectly in the beam of soft lamplight.

And I’m not alone. Every editor, agent, and bookworm out there is looking for writing that will make us crave that chair in the corner, where we can lose ourselves in between the pages. I want to share writing like that with you here, in a cozy corner of the Web — short stories from literary magazines that catch my eye, novels that have a stand-out heroine, classics that I love coming back to on rainy days. You’ll find it all here. I also dabble in reviewing the latest bestseller and opine on publishing trends or stories; as I said, it’s all part of my world.


If you are interested in finding out more about Alice’s interests as a literary agent, please visit speilburgliterary.wordpress.com.


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